Monday, March 18, 2013

Like a rollin' stone

Some more 3-D sculpture which I totally enjoy!!


More uddles of bubbles.........
Just a glass bowl full of felted soap pebbles and a cobweb felted glass vase in the can leave it like that with the flower which, yes, is also soap, add aromatic sticks in the vase (I prefer this option), or just add some water in the center vase and put in some real flowers! The possibilities are endless!! I'm sorry about the glare folks but my photographic abilities are quite poor!!

 I tried and I tried to capture it...............

 But, it doesn't seem to be working...............

Saturday, March 16, 2013

She's Like A Rainbow

Just like wool, silk can be felted as well. Instead of using soap and water we use tapestry glue and basically "felt" the silk into a kind of paper. This crackle glass vessel looks amazing with an aromatic candle that changes colors in the dark. Unfortunately I can't capture its beauty on my digital camera so I may have to post a video of this in action someday soon.

With a little imagination and a good electrician, it makes for an awesome night stand .........

Of course I don't want to be around to see what happens when this gets TOO hot!!  :)

Have you seen her dressed in blue? See the sky in front of you............
Have you seen her all in gold? Like a queen in days of old, she shoots colors all around, like a sunset going down, have you seen a lady fairer? She comes in colors everywhere, she combs her hair, she's like a rainbow......................

Sunday, March 10, 2013

B&B (Bathroom and Bathroom)

Using resists, I made a wonderful bathroom set. One is a vessel filled with felted soap and the other is a stick air freshener to help neutralize any nasty smells in the john!! These soap pebbles can actually be used and when they're finished your left with tiny colorful felt balls!!

What time is it in the octapus' garden???

"Time is like a bullet from behind
I run for cover just like you
Time is like a liquid in my hands
I swim for dry land just like you
Time is like a blanket on my face
I try to be here just like you
Time is just a fiction of our minds
I will survive and so will you
Kisses on the dance floor in my past
I need some comfort just like you
Beating like a bass drum time goes by
I want the last dance just like you.......
As the water grinds the stone,
we rise and fall
As our ashes turn to dust
we shine like stars"

This was a completely experimental project. I wanted to see how Karakul wool will behave in wet felting. Before I trashed it, I used it as a planter pot cover but then,a  friend of mine had another brilliant idea.........

With a little imagination, it could be used as an octopus hat for the carnival season as well!!


Recycle, upcycle, downcycle .........any kind of cycle you wish to call it!! These are just a couple of my older works which I decided to "rearrange" a little. Some have become vests, some I just "jazzed" up a teensy bit. There will probably be more to come in the future..... Do they look familiar?

The Subway

I saw this in a book- it's not my own original design but I wanted to challenge myself to recreate it!!!

"Pilling" in handcrafted felt

Most wool products "pill". "Pilling" is all about fibers of unequal weight not having enough support to stay where they were originally put. Fibers lift and knot together and lie in a different position to the direction they were originally lying when friction is present. Many handcrafted felt items are usually non-clothing items. Part of the reason for this phenomenon is that handcrafted felt can pill significantly, thus, detracting from the clothes' overall artistic statement.
It's inevitable, handcrafted felt WILL pill because it is not commercially made. Commercial felt is rough and hard on the skin. This can be prevented to a certain degree if the felting and fulling is done effectively and completely thoroughly. Some breeds of wool will definitely pill more than others. Coarse wool is less likely to do this as opposed to soft merino.
When it does happen, the fuzzy balls may be gently pulled or shaved off carefully as to not spoil the artistic design. Adding a considerable amount of hairspray on target areas such as the armpits, waist and neck AFTER steam ironing will also prevent this from happening to a certain degree.
In a nutshell, this is a small price one pays when wearing a handmade, original piece of art. Proper care when washing and loads of love can prevent this from happening on a larger scale!

The Industrial Revolution

Using Karakul, a kind of sheep from Eastern Asia- a very rough, hairy, and scratchy natural roving, I was able to felt over a glass vase. I added a metal spiral ring around permanently and threw some springs inside although it is able to contain flowers because of the glass inside. The combination of a natural raw material and metal is my artistic expression of the industrial revolution...........very paradoxical!!