Monday, November 17, 2014

The Scarflette

Lattices, Grids.........Whatcha-ma-call-its!!!

Prefelt.............that's all it took!!! The first one is more organic- I pretty much let the wool go wherever it wanted to. The second one is more controlled and geometric.



This was supposed to be a long scarf but it ended up being a scarflette after the fulling process!! Actually, I just wanted to see what would happen if I kept on fulling!! So I fulled and fulled to my hearts content!! I shortened the scarf to almost half its size and the lapel portion just got extremely stiff even though I used very fine merino wool (18 microns). Now I know that one fulls until she/he reaches the desired effect- it's a personal choice!!

The colors are my favorites!! Bougainvilleas in full bloom on a fresh spring day!!



I took whatever scraps I had left from previous projects and experimented with some jewellery. I tragically burned my hands twice trying to assemble these- once with hot silicone glue and the other time with boiling water!! This is what I have to show for it considering that I almost maimed myself!! OUCH!!!